Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition should be educated for health/wellness programs, athletic teams, and community groups; for maintaining professional competency, peak performance and skills for professional practice.

Sports nutrition has been designed for both amateurs and professionals that practice sports where physical stamina and endurance represent key factors to get ahead. The day-to-day diet and eating habits of individuals who frequently train or participate in sport are very important in terms of performance level and progression.

Athletes are always breaking records and pushing boundaries. They work hard. They train hard. They eat, sleep, and drink to win. Proper nutrition is vital, a Lactonova sport has geared to address the needs of competitive athletes. The comprehensive blend of products helps to promote muscle recovery, support metabolism and can increase and maintain lean muscle mass, strength muscle endurance, power output, supports your training and recovery-before, during and after serious fitness activity.


Regular exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, and for those who lead an active lifestyle. It helps to reduce the risks of developing a range of health concerns, thereby enhancing lifelong health, fitness, and sports performance.

Strategic diet and nutrition will also increase immunity, allowing one to stay fit and healthy. Thus our products are more suitable for athletes, bodybuilders, and people on weight loss/gain program and for all those who wish to remain fit. Our products are Suitable for all age group. We strongly advise you to take prior consultation with a certified fitness consultant or doctor or a certified dietician before going to start a supplementation or nutritional diet plan. Our products are the result oriented that was built for athletes and  body builders.

The product line SPORTS NUTRITION includes a wide set of food supplements, available in different flavours and sizes: proteins in powder, in particular, concentrated and isolated whey proteins, proteins of vegetable origin, dairy free, amino acids, creatine, glutamine, digestive enzymes, antioxidants. Our sports supplements are provided in powder or in tablets, depending on the case. No added artificial sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame and sucralose.