The Best Foods that can be helpful to fuel your body are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you want to keep your muscles strong you need to add best foods to your meal plan which help your muscles to rebuild even after heavy workouts. Protein rich foods will be more helpful to build muscle easily as well as not gain too much in fat. Let us discuss of some Muscle gaining foods.


Eggs are the good source of protein, one full egg contains approximately 6 gms of protein it also contains amino acids which help to build and repair muscles.


Nuts like almondspistachios and peanuts are loaded with nutrients like fiber, vitamin E, manganese and magnesium which are the main source of protein.


Easily available with low budget and is a good source of iron, magnesium, and the amino acids which plays a major role in repairing the muscles. The nitrate found in spinach helps for stronger muscles.


Salmon contains healthy fats, delivers high amount of proteins with low calorie count compare to other meats.


Beef is a major source containing high amount protein. It delivers healthy omega fatty acids which are useful for muscle building. Beef also contains iron which is necessary for healthy bones.


Oatmeal is not just good for people working out, it is nearly perfect as it is an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein and low glycemic carbohydrates.

Whey Protein

Protein Supplements are easily available in the market depending on the ease of use of the users. People who are interested in building the muscle can choose the best whey protein supplements where you can get all the proteins, minerals and vitamins, in a single serving at a time.

Chicken Breast

Best source of protein with low fat. Chicken breast is probably the staple food in bodybuilding. The best part of eating chicken breast is the fact that you can eat them along with any side dish like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, so on.


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