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The extra fat deposited on the stomach can lead to brain damage

The extra fat of the stomach can reduce the amount of gray matter in our brain and the excess weight is associated with shrinkage in specific areas of the brain. Along with this, obesity patients also increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and dyslipidemia.

Recent clinical research studies found that one of the main reasons is today’s  fast life means that people leave breakfast and the rest of the day Unhealthy, quick fix eat food with refined carbs, one inch extra fat around the abdomen can increase the probability of heart disease 1.5 times. 90cm in men and abdomen of more than 80 centimeters in females is a sign that a person may be hit with heart attack in the future.  it is also mandatory to monitor the weight of a person and reduce it properly after the age of 50.

Once a person stops increasing the height of his limbs, his organs stop growing and only muscles are able to build up to a degree, the fat accumulation is the only reason that the phase After the body increases the weight. Those who are obese should aim to limit the intake of refined carbohydrate because they increase blood sugar level and insulin production. In people with insulin resistance, this increase can lead to further weight gain. Also, aim to perform physical activity approximately 30 to 45 minutes every day, five times a week.

Exercise every day and eat a healthy diet, add a mixture of all seven colors and six flavors in the food. Do not eat refined sugar in any way because it absorbed more easily and can cause further complications.

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