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Stay Healthy In Ramadan With Balanced Diet And Hygienic Food

Ramadan is a month of fasting, by abstaining from drinks and food from dawn to sunset.

A well-nourished person will not have any problem when fasting as he has all nutrient reserves to sustain during fast.  it is important to stay healthy, have a balanced diet and eat hygienic food

The main concern when fasting is the fluid-electrolyte balance, as this is the period of peak summer, and the fluid requirement is generally high. To prevent dehydration drink enough water after and before fast.

Ramadan fasting does not lead to malnutrition since there is no restriction on type and amount of food intake before dawn and after sunset. However, unbalanced food, less intake and the presence of any acute or chronic diseases can lead to under-nutrition. Increased intake of fatty food, refined foods, sweets, junk food can lead to over-nutrition. Thus it becomes very important to choose right food and right quantity to stay healthy.

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