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Refined Cooking Oil Is Dangerous For Our Health 

Refined oil is obtained after treating natural oils with many chemicals. It is responsible for causing various diseases such as diabetes, renal problems, different allergies, premature ageing, ulcers, emphysema, infertility, hypoglycemia and arthritis.

1. Cancer: Nickel is used for processing of natural oil. But the presence of Nickel produces many carcinogenic effects on the respiratory system, liver, skin etc

2. Digestive System Problems: One of the harmful chemical added during the refining process is sodium hydroxide. The presence of this chemical affects the digestive system of the body and can cause ulcers, gastroenteritis cysts or tumours

3.Respiratory diseases: Refining of oil includes processes like Bleaching, de-waxing, de-odorizing, de-gumming, and de-acidification. These harmful steps reduce the chlorophyll content, taste and other nutrients in the oil. This ultimately results in the increased oxidation and rancidity in the edible oil. Due to this,the alveoli of the lungs slowly get more oxidised thus experiences many problems including less blood circulation to our brain.

4.Cardiovascular diseases: The high temperature involved in the refining process removes all the natural and beneficial substances from the oil, this increases the trans fats of the oil which is detrimental to our heart and can cause heart attacks or blockage.

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