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Plant Protein Vs Animal protien, which is the best for Heart Health

Proteins found in nuts and seeds is way more beneficial for heart than the proteins derived from red meat including nuts and seeds could prove beneficial for the human heart, suggests a latest study that included more than 80,000 participants.

The study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology said that the protein rich foods like nuts and seeds are way more beneficial for heart than the proteins derived from red meat.

People who consumed large amounts of meat protein experienced a 60 per cent increase in cardiovascular disease (CVD), while people who consumed large amounts of protein from nuts and seeds experienced a 40-per cent reduction in CVD.

Nuts being high in ‘unsaturated fats’ have for long been included in the “good fat” category of foods that improve hearty health.

For the study, the team compared animal proteins versus plant proteins in 81,337 men and women.The findings revealed that the associations between the “meat” and “nuts and seeds” protein factors and cardiovascular outcomes were strong.

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