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Nutrition To Keep Our Heart Fit & Healthy

World Heart Day takes place on 29th September every year and is the World Heart Federation‘s and the world’s biggest platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke.

This year, our global campaign focuses on looking after our own hearts, and the hearts of our loved one

Foods that are good for our heart include-

Foods high in omega-3s, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring and trout keep our heart healthy.

A handful of healthy nuts such as almonds or walnuts will keep our heart healthy.

Berries are chock full of heart-healthy phytonutrients and soluble fiber. blueberries, strawberries, cranberries or raspberries in cereal or yogurt keep our heart healthy.

Flaxseeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and phytoestogens to boost heart health.

Oatmeal: the comfort-food nutrient powerhousekeeps our heart healthy.

Dark beans,such as kidney or black beans, are high in fiber, B-vitamins, minerals and other good stuff keep our heart healthy.

Red, yellow and orange veggies such as carrots, sweet potatoes, red peppers and acorn squash are packed with carotenoids, fiber and vitamins to help our heart healthy.

Fruits such as oranges, cantaloupes and papaya are rich in beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium and fiber keeps our heart healthy.

Tender, sweet asparagus is filled with mighty nutrients such as beta-carotene, folate and fiber keep our heart healthy.

Tomatoes provide lycopene, vitamin C and alpha and beta-carotene to keep our heart healthy.

Dark chocolate is good for our heart.

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