Govind Shukla, Specializes in Pharmacology, Toxicology, Nutraceuticals & Herbal Drugs has published More than 50 research papers in National & International Journals. He is also a reviewer of International Journal of Pharmacology & pharmacotherapeutics, Chief editor of IJPNR Journal & Freelance Medical Writer for Different publication Groups including Lambert Academic Publishing Saarbrucken, Germany.

What Are Dietary Supplements & Their Health Benefits

A dietary supplement is a product that contains nutrients derived from food products. The “dietary ingredients” present in these products are metabolites, vitamins, minerals, vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. Dietary Supplements also includes Probiotics, Prebiotics, Antioxidants, Enzymes, etc. Nutraceuticals are present in most of the food ingredients as well as in dietary supplements with varying concentration. Concentration, time and duration of the supply of nutraceuticals influence human health. Manipulating the foods, the concentration of active ingredients can be increased. Diet or supplement rich in nutraceuticals along with regular exercise, stress reduction and maintenance of healthy body weight will maximise health and may reduce disease risk.

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