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CARNILITE CAPSULE Enhances body’s ability to convert fat into energy

L-Carnitine is a vitamin-like nutrient essential for energy production and fat metabolism. It is used by athletes as an ergogenic aid. Supplementing diet with L-Carnitine increases maximal aerobic power, and promotes glycogen sparing in the course of prolonged exercise. Supplementation of L-Carnitine raises the performance of submaximal exercise and resistance to fatigue. L-Carnitine acts as a carrier in fatty acid transport and its supplementation increases the utilisation of free fatty acids for energy production in endurance trained athletes. Since, L-Carnitine involves in energy production and utilisation, it can be considered an ergogenic aid for athletes.

L-Carnitine supplementation may protect endurance athlete carbohydrate stores, which are at risk during periods of increased exercise.

L-Carnitine acts as an ergogenic and anti-catabolic agent for sports performance. Its supplementation can be benefited as follows:

  • Increased utilisation of free fatty acids for energy for increase muscle and heart energy in endurance sports (ergogenic aid)
  • Increased ‘Glycogen Sparing’ effect in endurance athletes, may provide protection for muscle glycogen stores, which are at risk during periods of increased exercise (anti-catabolic)
  • Reduced lactic acid concentration in muscle leads to a delay in the onset of muscular fatigue and cramps
  • Increased peripheral blood supply provides more oxygen absorption and leads to more energy production in aerobic exercise
  • Increased BCAA metabolism to yield more energy and prodcution of glucose
  • Enhanced removal of ammonia and its detoxification
  • Increased protection to immune system and improved membrane stability during intense physical exercise.

More recently, studies have shown that Carnitine and its acyl are radical scavengers and ironchelators, and hence act as antioxidants.

L-Carnitine supplementation may improve mental and physical performance and can be used to achieve optimum health. Currently, L-Carnitine does not appear on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) banned substances list as it is naturally occurring constituent of a normal diet.

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