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How Can We Protect Us From Mobile Radiations

According to a recent survey report, the average person checks their phone 150 times per day, the other 15 hours per day it sits in our pocket. cell phones emit Electromagnetic Fields/Radiation (EMF/EMR) when it’s glued to the side of our head more than 22 times per day. Recent Research studies have shown that the effects of this can be even more harmful in youth and teens due to thinner skull bones which allow for greater exposure of cell phone radiation to the brain. One recent study has even shown a 5 times greater risk of brain cancer (glioma) in people who start using a cell phone before the age of 20.

How can we protect us?

Do not keep your cell phone next to your body.
Talk on speaker.
Holding a cell phone to ear also exposes the salivary glands to EMFs.
Turn your phone off more often.
No radiation is emitted when the device is off.
Nutritional protection–Iodine and Vitamin C supplement provide excellent protection in the body for preventing radiation from mutating the body’s cells.

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