My product is expired. Can I still use it?
We don’t recommend using a product after the expiration date.
What fillers do you use in your products, and where do they come from?
When it’s necessary to fill the capsule with something in addition to a nutrient or botanical, our partners at Lactonova use magnesium citrate, cellulose, magnesium citrate-laurate, or silica. Magnesium citrate is pure magnesium reacted with pure citric acid, cellulose is pure plant fiber (usually from pine trees), magnesium citrate-laurate is pure magnesium reacted with citric acid and lauric acid (a small fat molecule that doesn’t inhibit absorption), and silica is the pure element found in sand.
What is carrageenan?
Carrageenan is a food additive that helps thicken and stabilize a variety of foods and powders. It’s commonly found in the ‘other ingredients’ list on labels for dairy products, non-dairy products like almond milk, dressings, chocolates, and even some protein powders.
Because of its ability to thicken foods, it’s commonly found in low-fat and nonfat foods and drinks as a replacement for the fat. It’s common to find carrageenan in a number of ‘health foods.’ For example, in almond milk it makes the milk less runny. In a protein powder, it helps make the mixed shake thicker.
While the use of carrageenan can make a protein powder more palatable or rich-tasting when mixed with liquids, we choose to avoid the use of carrageenan in our products due to its potential for disrupting gut health and other complications. In recent years, this food additive has come under increasing scrutiny based on its known ability to induce inflammation and cause gut problems in animals and its potential for doing the same in humans.
Are your products pharmaceutical grade?
There is no standardized definition for the term “pharmaceutical grade.” However, at Lactonovawe manufacture products with the utmost concern for product purity, quality, and safety. The Ayush authority has good manufacturing practice guidelines (GMPs) for the findustry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the dietary supplement industry. Lactonova is in full compliance with the GMPs for the dietary supplement industry. Their internal standards for ingredient purchasing and the manufacturing of finished products is unsurpassed. Lactonovais also approved by a german agency for ISO 22000 food safety.
Are you regulated by the FSSAI, and are your products approved by the FSSAI?
Lactonova is regulated by the FSSAI and AYUSH. They must comply with FSSAI-mandated manufacturing standards. In addition, all of our product labels and all of our literature must comply with FSSAi and AYUSH standards. Lactonova also complies with the manufacturing standards that are mandated by the government.
Are your supplements whole foods?
Some supplement manufacturers market their products as whole food nutrients because some of their nutrients come directly from food products or from yeast that has been fed individual pure vitamins and minerals. However, these products, which can be allergenic, usually contain very low amounts of nutrients, and almost always have pure nutrients (such as what Lactonova uses) added as well. It’s our philosophy that individuals should eat a quality, nutrient-dense, varied diet. When supplementation is necessary, we believe it should be done using high-quality, pure nutrients and botanicals.
Do any of your products contain shellfish, rice, gluten, corn, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, or nuts?
None of our products contain corn, wheat, nuts, or gluten. A few of our products have ingredients derived from a shellfish source, and a few products do contain rice, dairy, soy, or yeast. These allergens are clearly indicated on our product labels and in the product labeling and warnings on our website.
Do you test for heavy metals in your fish oil products?
The fish oil ingredient is tested for heavy metals and other contaminants when it’s received and before it’s used in a product.
What does chelate mean?
Chelate refers to a chemical reaction between a mineral and a non-mineral component. It usually refers to a chemical compound made up of a mineral and an organic acid or amino acid that makes the mineral easier to absorb into the body. For example, magnesium and citric acid are reacted to form magnesium citrate.
What size capsules do you use?
The capsule size varies from size #2 to size 00.
Are any of your products certified kosher?
No, they aren’t.
What's the best way to take your products?
Unless otherwise recommended on the label, it’s best to take a dietary supplement with food for optimal absorption. This also reminds us that when it’s time to eat it’s time to take our supplements.
Can your products be taken out of the capsule if I can't swallow the capsule?
Most of our products can be taken out of our two-piece, pull-apart capsules and put into a small amount of food. However, there are products we don’t recommend being taken out of the capsule. This is clearly indicated in the warnings section of each product listing on this website.
What's the best way to store your products? Do any products require refrigeration?
We recommend that most of our products be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dry place. A few products do need to be refrigerated, which is clearly indicated on the label.