Healthy Nutrition in Ramadan to stay fit and healthy

Healthy Nutrition in Ramadan to stay fit and healthy

During Ramadan it is advisable to drink more and more water from Ehter to Sehri. But in addition to this, do not eat more fried and eat junk food such as junk food. Let’s know what to look for at the time of fasting.

 fried food

It is advisable to avoid eating fried things during the day. During the Sahari, eating eggs, flour or paratha, fresh fruit etc. keeps the health healthy. Do not drink too much coffee or soda during the Sahari. At the same time do not eat biryani, kebab, pizza, and fast foods in Sahari. These can have a bad effect on your health.

Dates should be eaten during the roast in Iftar. Dates are beneficial for health. Iron is in the pot, which gives energy to the body. Frozen food during the Iftar is harmful to the body. Iftar should avoid eating fried food.

Eat  more fiber content:

If there is a problem of indigestion during Ramadan, then it should eat fiber-related items to digest it. At the time of eating at the time of eating food should drink at least water, because drinking more water does not digest. Which can be harmful to the body. In the month of Ramadan, more and more proteins should be eaten. Less quantity of protein is less hungry than eating. ThoseThose who have heart disease and diabetes should avoid eating kebab, biryani and chicken. From the Iftar to the sehi, the hands should be washed well while eating, because on hunger, there is weakness in the body and the germs attack early.

Never get out in the sun

The risk of dehydration increases on the day of summer. Do not go out in the rosy sunshine. If there is blood pressure or smell, then they should not be allowed to roast as the sugar can be uncontrolled in that condition. If you come out of a situation, you can wear a towel or a piece of cloth. Having more time in Koller and AC will not be a problem. If there is any problem, then break the fast. Weakness, lack of blood or pregnant women should not be taken for granted.


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