The Science Behind the Call of the Prime Minister, for Nine Minutes on April 5 at Nine O’clock.

On the call of our Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, for nine minutes on April 5 at nine o’clock’, the country has become anxious to light the lamps outside the houses, as if Diwali is going to be celebrated. The Prime Minister has seen and heard what a call means to 130 crore Indians. The greatness of the immense unstoppable will of Indianans emanating from the bell-hour-plate-clap-shell, resonated around the world. On Sunday when house-to-house ‘Diwali’ will be celebrated and the country will shine with lights, then that light, a symbol of enthusiasm and self-confidence, will definitely dominate the corcoron.

This ancient verse is also saying that lamp is auspicious and Mars factor. Welfare factor. Burning a lamp is disease-free, the environment is clean, and the air is light. This is not only our ancient knowledge, but also the science behind is that mustard oil contains magnesium, triglyceride, and ally iso thiocyanate.

Allyl attracts insect-mites on burning. They burn in the grip of flame. Magnesium present in oil reacts with sulfur and carbon oxides present in the air to form sulfate and carbonate. These toxic heavy elements fall on the ground. That is why light white ash looks around the lit lamp. The heavier elements on the ground make the air lighter and easier to breathe.


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