Combining exercise and dieting may not be a good idea as it may impact our bone health.

As we age our bone health starts to decline. our calorie intake and exercise routine can have a impact on the strength of our bones.

The study, published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, looked at what happens to bone marrow fat and overall bone health when restricting calories.

The research involved four groups  — A  group on a regular diet (RD), B group on a calorie-restricted (CR) diet, C  regular diet group that exercised, and a D calorie-restricted group that exercised.

 calorie-restricted group  lost weight, but also had an increase in bone marrow fat and found a significant increase of fat in the bone marrow.

This group also had a decrease in bone quantity — they had less bone overall due to cut in calories.

Although fat in the bone is poorly understood, to date it is thought to be harmful to bones  because it makes bone weaker. Less fat is usually an indication of better bone health.even a lower calorie diet that’s nutritionally sound can have negative effects on bone health, especially paired with exercise.


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