New Blood Test To Predict TB Onset Two Years In Advance

Tuberculosis, caused by infection with Myobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb), is the world’s leading cause of death brought on by a single pathogen.

More than 10 million new cases of TB are diagnosed each year, and almost two million people die from the disease. Globally, 1.7 billion people are estimated to be infected with M.tb.

Researchers have developed a new blood test that can more accurately predict the development of tuberculosis (TB) up to two years before its onset in high-risk patients.

The new test predicts TB particularly in people living with persons having active TB — a condition when the immune system is unable to stop the bacteria from growing. The blood test works by measuring the expression levels of four genes signature in the blood known as “RISK4” — a combination of four genes associated with inflammatory response.

The new test also predicts the development of TB without putting large numbers of lower-risk people through unnecessary preventative treatment. The findings were published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.


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