Strict Mother have more Successful Children

Growing up in a home with a strict mother means you probably saw the wall next to the time out corner.

Research studies at the University of Esssex found that strict mother tend to have more successful children. During the course of time, research team studied 15,500 school children ages 13 or 14.

During research team of researchers took into account a series of factors. The initial hypothesis included the impact of the parents, primarily the mother’s, expectations. The likelihood of having access to higher education was one of the many aspirations laid out by parents.

The study took place over a number of years. Between 2004 and 2010, the data was studied and  findings were fascinating. It was found that the children who had more strict mother tended to be more confident and sure of themselves.

Researchers also  discovered that there was a higher level of emotional maturity with children with strict mothers.


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